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Contributed by Corina Cerovski-Darriau, Katie Ackerly, Wilson Bonner and Linda Rowan, AGI Geoscience Policy Staff; Peter Douglas, 2005 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern; Jenny Fisher, 2006 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern; Jessica Rowland, 2006 AGI/AIPG Summer Intern; Carrie Donnelly, 2006 AGI/AIPG Summer Intern; Rachel Bleshman, 2006 AGI/AAPG Fall Intern; Erin Gleeson, 2007 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern; Dana Thomas, 2011 AGI/AAPG Spring Intern; and Brittany Huhmann, 2013 AGI/AIPG Summer Intern.

Posted: June 11, 2000; Last updated August 14, 2013

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