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Caucus Members (110th Congress)

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The Coalition salutes the following senators and representatives who were members of the Congressional Hazards Caucus in the 110th Congress. We encourage all senators and representatives to join the caucus -- if your senator or representative is not on the list, please contact their office and ask that they do so. Please click on any member name to visit their website.

U.S. Senate
Co-chairs: Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska), Senator Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Senator Ben Nelson (Nebraska)

Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii
Senator Barbara Boxer of California
Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia
Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington
Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania
Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi
Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota
Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota
Senator Dianne Feinstein of California
Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Senator Charles Schumer of New York
Senator David Vitter of Louisiana
Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon

U.S. House of Representatives
Co-chairs: Dennis Moore (Kansas, 3rd), Jo Bonner (Alabama, 1st), Wayne Gilchrest (Maryland, 1st), Zoe Lofgren (California, 16th)

Marion Berry of Arkansas (1st)
Earl Blumenauer of Oregon (3rd)
Russ Carnahan of Missouri (3rd)
Andre Carson of Indiana (7th)
Lloyd Doggett of Texas (25th)

Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania (14th)
Vernon J. Ehlers of Michigan (3rd)
Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri (8th)
Virgil H. Goode, Jr. of Virginia (5th)
Darlene Hooley of Oregon (5th)
Steve Israel of New York (2nd)
Doris Matsui of California (5th)
Mike McIntyre of North Carolina (7th)
Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania (8th)
Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado (4th)
Vic Snyder of Arkansas (2nd)
Mike Thompson of California (1st)
Mark Udall of Colorado (2nd)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida (20th)
Lynn Woolsey of California (6th)

Contributed by Linda Rowan, AGI Government Affairs Staff and Erin Gleeson, AGI/AAPG Spring 2007 Intern.

Originally Posted: June 11, 2000; Last updated December 17, 2014

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